U.B.A.O.R. - Sampler


Part III: Occult Void of the Anti-Cosmic Black Cult (soon)

in 2018 / 2019

1 CD, in Jewelcase.
With A5-Booklet and Patch, will be limited to 200

Bands on this sampler will be (so far):
Asche der Welten, Czarnobog, Hellewijt, Runenwacht and more...


Part II: The Return to the Ancient Dark Paths (sold out)

released in 2013 / 2014

1 CD, in Jewelcase.
Printed black carbon CD (first press with english title, ltd. 25)
Printed black carbon CD (first press with german title, ltd. 25)
6 copies were made within a wooden box with bonus materials.
First press came with extra large button.
Vinyl look CD (second press, ltd. 25)
Second press had alternate artwork in b/w and bonus track.

Bands on this sampler:
Selvmorrd, Steingrab, Mortis Mutilati, Nebrus, Drudensang, Drengskapur,
Evocation of Despair, Godless Cruelty and more...


Part I: The Circle of Honor (sold out)

released in 2011 / 2013

2 CDs, in paper-sleeve / Jewelcase.
Printed CD-rs in paper-sleeve (first press with old logo, ltd. 28)
Printed black carbon CDs in Jewelcase (second press with new logo, ltd. 22)
Second press came with a patch of the C.o.H.

Bands on this sampler:
Kraehenblut, Ravnsvart, Erhängen, Nebrus, Askuror, Uruk-Hai, Aeonensturm, Sieghetnar, Internal Torment, Apofolis, Eismond and more...